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Building Stronger Teams with BAMA Derby: A Corporate Event With a Twist

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Hosting a corporate event is a great way to foster teamwork and boost morale among employees. A BAMA Derby event offers a unique and engaging way to bring your employees together, combining the excitement of horse racing with the camaraderie of a shared social experience. Here’s why a BAMA Derby event could be the highlight of your corporate calendar and how to make it work for team-building.

Uniting Through Shared Fun

The core of a BAMA Derby event is the “live” horse racing broadcast on the big screen. Employees get to choose a horse and root for it, which naturally leads to friendly competition and laughter. Unlike actual gambling, BAMA Derby uses "funny money," removing the risk and keeping the focus on enjoyment and interaction.

Dress to Impress

Encouraging attendees to don Derby hats and attire adds a layer of excitement and a chance for team members to express themselves. Dressing up can also level the playing field among different corporate ranks, allowing for more natural interaction and conversation.

Sponsorship and Engagement

Incorporating sponsorships into each race can offer a subtle team-building exercise. Employees can work in teams to design and present their sponsor's branding, intertwining creativity with corporate objectives.

Planning Your BAMA Derby Corporate Event

Start by choosing a suitable venue that can accommodate a large screen for the race broadcasts. Then, organize the racing program, ensuring that each race allows for maximum employee participation. It’s essential to manage the "funny money" system effectively, creating an environment where employees can bet without actual financial stakes.

Consider having a facilitator to keep the energy high and the event flowing smoothly. Catering and a well-stocked bar will ensure that guests remain refreshed and engaged throughout the event.

A BAMA Derby event is not just another day at the office; it's a vibrant and engaging experience that can bring your employees together. By incorporating elements like shared experiences, friendly competition, and creative expression, a BAMA Derby can serve as a potent tool for team-building and creating lasting memories among your staff.

Danny Brewer, President

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