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Mastering the Derby Drinking Game: A Guide to Celebratory Sips

How do you play the Derby drinking game?

Derby drinking game

The Kentucky Derby, known for its fast horses and fancy hats, also gives rise to various festive traditions, one of which is the Derby drinking game. Ideal for adding an extra layer of fun to your Derby Day celebrations, this game combines the excitement of horse racing with the enjoyment of crafted cocktails. In this blog post, we'll walk you through how to play the Derby drinking game and introduce you to how we at BAMA Derby can elevate your next Derby party experience.

Setting Up Your Derby Drinking Game

What You'll Need:

  • A large screen to watch the Kentucky Derby

  • Your favorite beverages (traditionally mint juleps or other themed cocktails)

  • Derby hats or other festive attire for fun and immersion

Game Rules:

  1. Choose Your Horse: Before the race starts, each player picks a horse based on either name, odds, or the color of the jockey's silks. Write down your choice to keep track throughout the game.

  2. Drink on Cue: Create a list of triggers for when players must take a sip or finish their drink. Common triggers include:

  • Your horse is mentioned by the commentators.

  • Anytime a horse takes the lead.

  • Your horse falls behind.

  • A jockey is shown adjusting their goggles.

  1. Finish Your Drink: If your horse wins, celebrate by finishing your drink! Alternatively, if your horse finishes last, you might also finish your drink as a playful consolation.

  2. Extra Fun: Incorporate Derby-related trivia during commercials or downtime. If someone gets an answer wrong, they take a sip.

Drink Responsibly:

Kentucky Derby drinking game

Remember, the key to the Derby drinking game is to enjoy the festivities safely. Ensure all participants are of legal drinking age and consume alcohol responsibly. Always have non-alcoholic options available for those who prefer it.

Check out this curated list from Food & Wine of some of the most popular Kentucky Derby cocktails: Best Kentucky Derby Cocktails

Enhancing Your Experience with BAMA Derby

At BAMA Derby, we take the excitement of the Kentucky Derby and bring it directly to you through our innovative online horse-racing parties. Here's why you should consider joining us for your next Derby celebration:

Live Interactive Races

We host six pre-recorded, thrilling horse races over a span of two hours, which are perfect for playing the Derby drinking game. Start with $500 in "funny money" to make bets, adding a layer of competition and fun to your party.

Safe and Engaging Fun

Our platform is designed with the slogan "Not Real Gambling, but Real Fun," ensuring that the thrill of betting comes without any risks. It's all about the enjoyment and the shared experience of Derby Day.

Ideal for Any Group

Whether you're hosting a party for a close group of friends or a large gathering, our parties are scalable and adaptable to any group size.

Join Us for an Unforgettable Derby Day

Ready to experience the Kentucky Derby like never before? Visit us at BAMA Derby to learn more about our virtual horse-racing parties. Whether you're looking to play the Derby drinking game with friends or just enjoy the races, we offer a unique and memorable way to celebrate one of the most exciting sports events of the year.

Contact us today to plan your next virtual Derby party, and let us help you make it a day to remember!

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