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How to Throw a Kid-Friendly Kentucky Derby Party

kentucky derby party for kids

The Kentucky Derby isn’t just for adults! Known as "The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports," the Derby also offers a fantastic opportunity to host a vibrant and fun-filled party for kids. Planning a Kentucky Derby party for children can involve exciting games, delicious treats, and engaging activities that celebrate the spirit of the event. Here’s your ultimate guide to hosting a memorable Kentucky Derby party for kids that will keep them entertained and give them a taste of this unique American tradition.

Step 1: Invitations

Kick off your party planning with themed invitations. Use bright colors and Derby-related imagery such as horses, horseshoes, and roses. You can make the invitations even more enticing by shaping them like Derby hats or jockey silks.

Step 2: Decorations

Transform your party area with decorations that scream Derby fun! Think green tablecloths to represent the grass of the racetrack, rose garlands, and balloon arches in the shape of horseshoes. You can also set up a photo booth area with horse props, Derby hats, and a backdrop of Churchill Downs.

Step 3: Dress Code

kentucky derby party attire for kids

Encourage the kids to dress up! Girls can wear flowery dresses and wide-brimmed hats, while boys can don seersucker suits or colorful bow ties. Offer prizes for the best-dressed junior jockey and the most creative hat to make things more exciting.

Step 4: Activities

Derby Hat Decorating

Set up a crafting station where kids can decorate their own Derby hats with ribbons, flowers, and stickers. This not only sparks creativity but also gives them a fun takeaway from the party.

Horse Racing Game

Create a mini racetrack in your backyard where the kids can race on stick horses. Use real race names for each heat to give a genuine feel of the Derby.

Pin the Tail on the Pony

A Derby twist on a classic party game. Blindfolded players try to pin the tail on a large poster of a pony, which can be a hilarious and entertaining activity for the little ones.

Step 5: Food and Drink

Serve kid-friendly snacks like horse-shaped cookies, fruit cups, and mini sandwiches. You can rename common drinks to fit the theme, such as "Pony Punch" for fruit punch or "Jockey Juice" for lemonade.

Step 6: Storytime

Gather the kids for a reading of a horse-themed book. Choose engaging stories about famous racehorses or fun fictional tales that involve horses and adventures.

With these steps, your Kentucky Derby party for kids is sure to be a hit! Remember, the key to a successful children's party is keeping the activities interactive and the food delightful. By bringing the excitement and tradition of the Kentucky Derby into your home, you’re not just giving the kids a day of fun — you’re also creating wonderful memories that they might cherish for a lifetime.

Planning Your Next Derby-Themed Event?

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